About Us


Vivaeris Designs is a small artisan studio located in the beautiful wilds of the Pacific Northwest. The name describes a light, dancing breeze across a mountain meadow, the kind full of joy and anticipation for what lies ahead.


What We Believe In

We believe in the enduring power of rural communities living in touch with the natural world and that artists play a key role in preserving that. We also believe in the power of art to transport us to the time and place when it was made. Through our thoughtfully designed products we invite you to share in the joy of regular conversations with chipmunks, hummingbirds, and ravens on a meditative walk through the forest.

We're Not Mass Market

All of our store’s designs are unique to us. You won’t find them anywhere else. We strive for a balance of best-selling favorites and creative new designs, so check back often or join our mailing list to see what’s new.


We’re all in this together

Nobody likes waste – it’s expensive and well, wasteful. So nothing gets made until you order it, putting the customer first in the process! It also ships directly to you from the manufacturer so no extra trips across the country (or the world) just so that it can go out in a pretty box. This way there’s no unwanted, brand-new items going to landfills or clogging up storage units.

On the plus side that also means we can bring fresh designs to you more often. The downside is you’ll need to allow an additional 3-10 days for production, but you really can tell your friends your item was “made to order”.  Unfortunately, it also means that we have no method of restocking and reselling, hence our extremely limited returns policy. The alternative would be to raise prices enough to cover unwanted merchandise and then add it to the waste chain – we’d rather not, and we hope you feel the same way.

 We also source as responsibly as we can when it comes to working conditions. All the decorative designs come from our studio but the printing and manufacturing vary by item. We’ve chosen the products we offer based on suppliers’ locations with better access to workers’ rights and legal protections.  It’s more expensive to do it this way but we think it’s worth it. You can see the details of manufacture location in each product description.